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“Genius is knowing it can be done, and having the courage to do it.” - Morty Silber

MOST advertising and marketing people don’t believe they can move the sales needle. It’s why they base their pay off of your advertising spend rather than your advertising results. Roy H. Williams started out as a small-time ad man who achieved real results for his clients and had the confidence to base his pay off of his advertising results — and who grew into a brand-building advertising legend called “The Wizard of Ads,” whose books would become New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best Sellers, and who would end up teaching his advertising methods to marketing teams from Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Dell. Procter and Gamble, Bassett Furniture, Domino’s Pizza and Clear Channel Communications.

 So why doesn’t everyone use these advertising methods?

Because they require commitment and courage that can rarely be found in a committee meeting. That’s why Wizard of Ads Partners prize owner-operated businesses; companies with a single person holding absolute authority to say “yes” to the strong messaging and coordinated strategies that work.

Our “secret” - Messaging strategies that actually work.

Since writing three best-selling books on advertising and teaching tens of thousands of students, Roy has hand-picked the very best marketing teams, from across the globe, as partners and given them much more additional and intense training. Our common philosophy revolves around messaging strategies that simply aren’t talked about in mainstream marketing.


Because all marketing ultimately comes down to the message. And this holds true regardless of the industry, style of product, sale, considered vs. unconsidered purchase or B2B vs. B2C. Knowledge of media spending and rate negotiations may not matter as much for a B2B company, but messaging always matters for every company.

Today we have 43 offices around the globe with the goal to empower your company with the right messaging to get results.

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