What We Do

MAD Strategies stimulates miraculous growth in businesses.

Start with developing a master marketing strategy. We make a day available in Montreal at $3,000/day (If we travel outside Montreal, the rate is $5,000 per day.) And at the end of the day you’ll decide if you want MAD Strategies to work with you on an ongoing basis. Our monthly compensation is adjusted annually according to your growth. If business is up 21 percent this year, MAD Strategies gets a 21 percent increase on the current monthly fee. If business declines for any reason at all, we take a cut in pay.

We only make more money if you make more money first. Isn't that how every great partnership should work?

Are you are a diamond in the rough with huge growth potential?

Then your fee would be much lower because our opportunity for increasing our monthly fee is much easier to accomplish. Once we understand what your true goals are and the scope of work needed to accomplish them, then we can provide a real number for the upfront retainer and monthly fee.

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How we work

We are an Advertising & Marketing Consultancy that specializes in developing superior marketing strategies. We are the “fix” for companies whose growth is constrained by the performance of sales teams or third party distributors that they do not have direct control over.

Our working process for new clients involves:

1)      An Initial On-Site Uncovery Session with the client

We strongly believe that the basis for any effective advertising or marketing strategy lies in discovering the limiting factors and unleveraged assets available to the clients — elements that are often as much story-based, emotional, or psychological as physical. A client’s unleveraged asset (or limiting factor) is often unleveraged (or limiting) precisely because it is overlooked by the client. It takes fresh, outside eyes to see it. And that requires an in-person, on-site visit. 

Good messaging, like a good suit, has to be specifically customized and tailored to a company, and there’s no other way to ensure this than through a 1-3 day on-site Uncovery Meeting that allows us to spend time with the key people and overall company environment.

2)      Market Research

Depending on the client and the situation, the amount of market research required can vary, but no Marketer or Consultant worth his pay will walk into a campaign without doing preliminary research.  Following our Uncovery Session, we will spend 2-4 weeks gathering whatever additional insight and research needed.

3)      Draft a Plan of Attack

With the insight and understanding gained through the Uncovery and Research, we sit down and apply tested marketing and psychological/persuasive principles to create an overall business and positioning strategy.  We then meet with your key decision-makers to present the messaging strategy and get feedback and buy-in.  After incorporating feedback and getting a team go-ahead, we proceed on to…

4)      Develop Messaging and Sales Tools

Once we have an agreed upon messaging strategy, we then create the actual messaging and the marketing and sales tools needed to generate more sales and leads for your company. This could take the form of direct mail campaigns, sales brochures, sales presentations, e-blasts, videos, pay-per-click (PPC), etc.

5)      Execute on Strategy and Implement Tools

We roll out the campaigns, measure the results, and adjust or celebrate accordingly. We base our pay upon your growth, so we are extremely motivated to ensure our strategies, tactics, and tools work.

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