Cut through advertising clutter with a sharp message


Our cluttered advertising landscape has forced our minds to block most advertising. We’ve become very selective about which ads we pay attention to. Only the most captivating ads will earn a few seconds of our time.
“[Tivo] is the single, highest quality product on the market. Hands down, there is no dispute…. But Tivo is a commercial failure. They’ve never made money….” – Simon Sinek
The TIVO people think that advertising is about informing the public of their product. It’s not about that at all. It’s about persuasion. 

Apple took the same approach as TIVO only they added the persuasion. They knew that consumers were frustrated with all the viruses and bugs on the PC system. So they played to that emotional frustration. Have  a look...

So why is it that after reading this does everyone agree but then fail to practice this? Look at your sales tools and marketing materials. Does it inform or does it persuade? Do you feel passion?
Be dra­matic, which is to say you have to exhibit the crass bad man­ners of draw­ing attention to your­self by lever­ag­ing other people’s atten­tion triggers.
Busi­ness own­er’s nat­ural ten­dency is to wimp on the mes­sag­ing by fil­ing off all the sharp edges from the ads. “We just can’t say that!”
It takes courage to commit to a sharp mes­sage with­out flinching.
Now, go sharpen your message.


Morty Silber, CEO

Mad Strategies Inc.
a Wizard of Ads Partner

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