Rebel advertising


Choose and confront your enemy.

There is a Yankelovich study that says each of us, on average, are subject to over 3,000 selling messages every day.

Our brains cannot possibly pay attention to that many advertising messages. So how can you get people to tune in to your offer?

The answer lies in sharply standing against something or someone. Taking a stand against something is a powerful differentiator.  I’ve made reference to this before.

My partner Jeff Sexton explains it so brilliantly.

“In a picture, discernible edges and silhouettes allow us to visually “grip” an object and separate figure from background.  Eliminate those edges and you’ll effectively camouflage yourself.

Like our eyes, our minds also depend on edges and silhouettes.  We define ourselves by giving parameters, mentally grasping a concept by its boundaries.  Without the “edges” of contrasting reference points, a concept or term remains ambiguous at best.

That’s why grabbing after an “infinite” market and seeking to be all things to all people ends up camouflaging one’s brand and messaging; without contrast your marketing just blurs into the background.

Want to stand out?  Sharply define the edges between you and your competitors.

The better you do this, the more strongly you’ll turn-off some customers.  But wouldn’t you rather powerfully persuade some of your market than be overlooked by all of it?”

We are currently working with a client who has the courage to stand against his competitors. His competition constructs rooftop air handlers from steel. He constructs them from fiberglass.

In the following video our client clearly demonstrates how his product will stand the test of time, unlike steel.  The video is titled “Try this with steel”. Company President Jeff Kupferberg clearly chooses his opponent and identifies steel as the weak and vulnerable enemy.

Watch until the end. It gets pretty cool.

What do you stand against?

Morty Silber, CEO

Mad Strategies Inc.
a Wizard of Ads Partner

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