Do you have Web-sight?


Are your salesmen complaining that it is getting more difficult for them to sell? Are they telling you to lower your price in order for your customers to buy? Lowering the price is rarely the answer. Technology can help you sell and solve so many customer issues. It's time to start using technology to listen to your customers. Their actions speak loudly and if you track these actions you can learn a lot about your customer's interests. Are you listening?

Your website can be a gold mine for your sales team. Understanding your customer's buying behaviour is becoming essential to the longevity of your company. Your sales team needs to know what your customers are doing on your website and how much time they are spending on each of your products or services. Wouldn't it be convenient if you got an alert every time a particular customer returned to your website? Do you think your customer would welcome an email tailored to their specific interests based on what they were looking at on your website? The possibilities are endless.

Most of the people that call me to talk about their website are focused on the way their website looks. That's the last thing I look at. Your website can, if used properly, give you limitless information to help you sell.

Many of you have videos on your website and these videos are usually hosted by YouTube. I don't recommend that my customers host their videos on YouTube because there is no way for you to know how much of your video your customers watched or which parts of your video your customers re-watched. Imagine being able to know exactly which parts of your videos your customers watched or re-watched. This information would give you valuable insight about your customers and what interests them. If you tap into what is of most value to your customer, you can sell much more easily.

There is magic hidden inside your website. See. Listen. Respond.

Morty Silber, CEO - Mad Strategies Inc.


Mad Strategies Inc. stimulates miraculous growth in businesses through innovative process. Our monthly compensation from these business's are adjusted annually according to their growth. If business is up 21 percent this year, MAD Strategies gets a 21 percent increase. If business declines for any reason at all, we take a cut in pay. 

So we start with a low fee and grow only if your business grows. Does this sound interesting?

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