The Energy of Words – Is your marketing message fully charged?

CAUTION: This message may slap you in the light bulb.

CAUTION: This message may slap you in the light bulb.

Business owners have lots of really great ideas but many times they lack the know-how to share these ideas with their potential customers. Businesses often explain their offer in plain, factual terms (i.e. it’s water resistant, comes in many sizes and colors, quick to dry, etc.) but this creates no emotional connection with the potential customer. This begs the basic question – what is the purpose of your advertising? Is it to inform or to persuade? We believe it should be to persuade.

We believe your marketing message has to carry some emotional weight. Your message has to climb into the subconscious and burst. Your choice of words is critical, whether it delights or shocks, it must be powerful to connect with your reader’s emotions.

If you want your message to leave an impression, you need to impress. Don’t deliver a message that simply appeases. Jolt, dazzle and amaze them with something unexpected and leave them in awe.

My mentor Roy H. Williams , in his book Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads writes,

“Words are electric; they should be chosen for the emotional voltage they carry. Weak and predictable words cause grand ideas to appear so dull that they fade into the darkness of oblivion. But powerful words in unusual combinations brightly illuminate the mind.

Yes, words are electric. If a sentence does not shock a little, it carries no emotional voltage. When the hearer is not jolted, you can be sure he is not moved.”

So when it’s time to come up with your next marketing message, remember to make your message step off the page, grab your customer by the shoulders, shake them, inspire them and provoke an emotion.

In the words of Ben Galley,

“You can't hammer in a nail with words... No, but you can start a war with them.” 

Compose your message to pack a POWerful punch.

You may get scared when the voltage is right. That means you’re on the right track.

Morty Silber, CEO - Mad Strategies Inc.


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