Does your advertising have a built-in bouncer? It should.


Sales and Marketing are fighting again. Ugh!  It’s frustrating when your marketing team works so hard to develop a message that brings in leads and then the sales team can’t close the sale. The salesmen are upset because they feel they wasted their time on unqualified leads. Is this problem solvable? Absolutely!
Make sure your advertising message dissuades just as much as it persuades. Your message must take on the role of gatekeeper, much like a bouncer standing firmly, arms crossed, at the door of an exclusive club.  You advertising bouncer sits at the forefront of your advertising and discourages anyone who is not properly qualified.
This is sometimes a difficult concept to grasp because business owners assume that most, if not everyone, could benefit from what they have to offer. This may be true, but you can’t market that way because a message that doesn’t “bounce” the unqualified lead is not strong enough to attract the right customer.
Some even go a step further and take the risk of allowing us to craft a super powerful message. However, even though I warn them that powerful advertising will generate negative feedback they answer, “Bring it on,” then back-pedal vigorously as soon as a few people say, “I hate your ads.”
Here is a well-known example of how one message can be rejected by many and still be wildly successful. Avis, the rental car company, created the “We Try Harder” ad campaign that emphasized “We are #2”.  Avis executives polled the public and found that a full 50% of its potential customers interpreted the message that Avis was second-rate. However, the other 50% appreciated the brand’s honesty. The campaign was hugely successful. Avis turned a profit within a year, after 13 years at a loss, and went from 11% to 35% market share in only four years.
If your message is formulated intelligently, makes a sharp point and stands for something, you will receive the bonus gift of a built-in bouncer. When your message has a built-in bouncer, you save your company time by removing the need to screen your leads and amazingly turn your sales people into masterful revenue-generators. With unqualified leads now out of the way, your sales team can easily achieve unsurpassed closing rates by uniting a qualified customer with a product or service they already have a desire for.
So I ask you…  Do you have the courage that it takes to market properly? Are you ready to defend your ads? Or will you run in fear at the first sign of negativity?
Morty Silber, CEO - Mad Strategies Inc.

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