SEO is like a lollipop. Are you a sucker?

"Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the ranking of a website or a web page in a search engine's "natural" or un-paid search results."


Why SEO is the worst way to spend your limited advertising dollars.

Many business owners told me they spend the majority of their marketing budget on SEO. They figure they can reach “everyone” through the Internet. This somehow makes them feel empowered. But who is everyone? And what does “everyone” want? Is it your product or service?
If you believe in your product, you should focus your efforts on telling your potential customer why you are better than the competition?  Why leave it up to chance by letting them search for you and maybe find you? Or maybe not. If they find you, will they buy from you?
You should spend your advertising dollars to convince people how wonderful your product is. Don't spend your money hoping somebody will search for your product on the Internet, possibly find you and then maybe buy from you. Even if you rank #1, your customers will still see your competitors that ranked #2, #3, etc., and unfortunately, they might pick them over you. If you ask me, there are too many “if”s.
Spending all your money on SEO is like feeding your kids nothing but lollipops. All you did was fill them with empty calories, which are void of nutrition. You teach your kids that they must eat a nutritious meal before they can enjoy a piece of candy. It’s the same for your business. You should provide it with a well-balanced advertising regimen that can convince your prospect buyer why you are better than your competition.
You want potential customers to be interested in you before they search you out so that they can search for you directly.
Take The Bay for instance. The Vice Chairman, Bonnie Brooks, spends her advertising dollars on the radio. She has turned The Bay into one of the most successful clothing retailers in Canada. If you search “clothing store Canada” or “department store Canada” in Google, you will not even find The Bay on the first page. But that doesn’t matter to Bonnie because she chose to focus her advertising dollars to the radio. And she has been winning the hearts of Canadians for years now.
Focus on branding your product. Use creative advertising avenues that make you stand out, above your competition. Then your potential customers will search for your name in Google. That’s when you win the Search Engine battle because none of your competitors will show up in the search results.
Google is smart enough to know when a customer is searching for you directly, even without SEO!
So remember, no lollipops until you've finished your dinner.

Morty Silber, CEO - Mad Strategies Inc.


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