Does your marketing message have a high IQ?


What makes your marketing message “stick” to your customer’s mind?

Why do you remember some things and not others? What was it about a particular ad that made it stand out above all the rest? Was it because it was incredibly funny or oddly clever? Did you connect to it on an emotional level? Or maybe, it made such a strong statement that you couldn't help but reflect on it? We refer the level at which a message impacts you as the message’s Impact Quotient or “IQ”.

The goal is to be the first company a person thinks of when the need for your product or service arises. Company branding comes as a result of involuntary, automatic recall of your product or service through a high Impact Quotient.

Consider the following:          

Saliency (IQ) x Repetition = Long-term memory
Saliency is a message's importance to the reader. You need to figure out what your potential customers wants to know about you and how can you make that message important and relevant to them. What is your brand about? How can your product enrich your customer’s lives? That will be your IQ.
Repetition is the second factor. This is the number of times you see or hear a message. The more you see it, the more likely you are to recall this information from memory.  But beware! Sleep makes memories fade. Sleep is the almighty eraser and ultimate enemy of advertising. However, if you repeat the message many times you can beat sleeps eraser. That is why repetition is essential.
Together, saliency and repetition make quite a powerful team. If your advertising is relevant to your customer (it has a high IQ) and you repeat the same message often, odds are that your customers will be able to easily recall this information and automatically think of your company in their moment of need. This is possible because information with a high IQ and frequent repetition are often stored to long-term memory.
So we say   

Saliency (IQ) x Repetition = Long-term memory
This means that a message with a low IQ will need to be seen many times in order to be remembered. On the other hand, if the IQ is high, the need for repetition is much lower. This last scenario is the one that businesses strive to achieve. A salient ad with a small budget will almost always outperform a weak ad with a large budget. So to get the most BANG for your buck, make sure your advertising message is relevant and impactful to your prospective customers.
We chose to send out this newsletter once a week. We kept the repetition low but that’s okay because we decided we would make sure the content has a high IQ.
Make sure your message has a high IQ. Make sure it sticks! Be unforgettable!

Morty Silber, CEO

Mad Strategies Inc.
a Wizard of Ads Partner

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