What super powers does your company have?



Every business would like to believe that they offer something special, something better than their competition but they rarely know how to tell that to their customers in a way that sounds believable. My partner Jeff Sexton came up with an easy approach to branding by telling your company’s Genesis story. Tell everyone how your company got to do what you do. Explain why your mission is so important to you and what motivates you to be in business.
Every super hero movie, the first of each franchise, always tells you how the super hero got his powers, what his mission is and why he is a good guy.
-Jeff Sexton
The Genesis story is the story of how you came to be and what you stand for, gives the public a reason to believe your marketing claims and that you are indeed here to save the day. If you fail to tell your story, you may not be able to be all that believable.
Believability is critical to your ability to persuade.
What was the defining moment that forever changed who you are, the moment that shaped how you think, act and see the world around you?
Jeff Sylvester of James Sylvester Enterprises talks about growing up being the boss’ son of a barn building company. Being the boss’ son meant having to work harder than anybody else just to prove his worth. His dad was hardest on him because he wanted to make sure that the family name was put on something that was build to his standards. When Jeff, the son, tells his Genesis story, he talks about how he has to build the barn right and how he refuses to do it any other way.
A great Genesis story will communicate how you are great at what you do and you care so deeply about your customers… all without using silly clichés like “our customer service is number 1.”
Are there things you’re doing in your business that you just won’t do any other way? Maybe it’s a question of values. Maybe you do things a certain way because it’s reflects who you are as a business owner. Sharing this information with the public may just be your ticket to the publicity you’ve been seeking. 
Every company or business owner has a story to tell. What’s your Genesis story?


Morty Silber, CEO

Mad Strategies Inc.
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