I see growth in your future

I see growth in your future


The crystal ball for your business

Many of us prefer to cling to safety and stick with the tried and true way rather than make a change and take a risk. But what if you had a crystal ball? What if you could see the outcome before you actually dove in? Not possible? Hmmm… but it is.

Henry Ford. We know him as the inventor of the automobile in 1908. The truth is there were more than 2000 car manufactures at the time. The problem was the cars were too expensive. Henry turned his focus to other parallel industries and was inspired by the “disassembly line” of meatpacking houses. He found that he could vastly improve production by doing the same thing - just in reverse, developing a moving assembly line where workers could stand at their station and master one skill perfectly. The continuous flow and increased efficiency allowed Henry Ford to lower his overhead costs and make the dream of affordable cars a reality.

By looking at other businesses, he was able to look into his crystal ball and see the outcome before he put it into place. He learned from others’ mistakes and adapted their process to meet his own needs.

So here's a personal challenge that is low-risk. Find a business in an unrelated industry that has a problem with similar characteristics to the problem you are trying to solve.  Look at how this business overcame their obstacles and apply their method to your own business model.

Take a really good look into the crystal ball. You might be pleasantly surprised, even delighted by what you see.

Which industry should you be looking at?


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