Is your Company Consistently Wearing its Emotional Tie?

Emotional Tie

Or is your customer service boring?

What makes companies like Amazon and Zappos, so great? Of course, they all have great products and professional service but they also have one more thing in common: they provide an exceptional customer experience.

Companies like these often have a customer-centric culture reflected both internally with its employees and externally with its customers. What the employees experience is brought forward into their communication with the customer allowing them to establish a strong connection with them.

Creating a connection with your customer in all you sales material, advertising and customer service lays the ground work for customer loyalty. Customers who are emotionally attached to you are more likely to recommend you to a friend, more likely to become repeat shopper, will be less likely to shop around and may be open to paying a premium price. Professionalism only gets you so far. It’s the emotional connection with your customers that keeps them coming back. is known for having exceptional customer service. They provide an experience that leaves their customers feeling special. They have a no-questions-asked return policy, have fast shipping and reliable service. They do a great job at wow-ing their customers and making them feel like a priority.

Look at this customer service chat and you will see why customer service is more than professionalism.


Companies who excel at providing an overall feel-good customer experience put other “run of the mill” customer service providers to shame.

Because what matters is what’s in the heart of the customer.

As consumers, our opinions, mindset and attitude are mainly shaped by our emotions and emotions play a large part in the decision-making process. The strength of the customer’s emotional tie with your company can greatly influence their decision to stay or go. Without that emotional glue, your customer could be persuaded to buy from your competitor.

Do you capture the hearts of your customers? Or only their minds?


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