Only 43, and changing the World.

Elon Musk

Roy H. Williams once told me that advertising is a tax you pay for being unremarkable.
At only 43 years of age, Elon Musk is remarkable.
Elon is the brains behind many industry changing companies such as PayPal, Tesla Motors, SpaceX and Solar city.
My Dad and I have been discussing Elon for a while now. Last week he decided to visit the Tesla dealership near Miami. Not sure if he was heading in the right direction, he called the dealership for assistance. The phone rang 3 times then, I guess because no one answered, the call was automatically transferred to the Tesla head office in California. My Dad was greeted with a message giving him the option to telling him to either stay on the line or press 7 and hang up.

That blew me away. He could hang up the phone and they'd keep his call priority?!? Amazing. Such a small detail but it makes such a big difference.
So I called Tesla's headquarters, and spoke with Nick Wolfe, a customer service representative. He explained to me that when all lines are busy, the computer system waits for the first available representative and sends them a message asking them to "click here to call the customer back".
Why isn't every company using such a system?
Elon’s philosophy is make a few small improvements in many areas and you can surpass the competition.

This means that Elon looks at the big picture but only expects small improvements. Over time those small improvements add up to massive changes.
Do you have the big picture in mind? What small improvements can you make to get there?

Morty Silber, CEO

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