The "Big Idea" is actually quite small.


Planting a seed in the mind.

Companies are always searching for their next “big idea”. They are looking for that “message” that will become the brand’s driving force, will get them noticed and send their profits soaring. But while some companies get it right, others just over think it. The ideas that become successful are usually the simplest ones. It's the small ideas that are the easiest to plant in the mind.
1-800 got junk?
25 years ago, a company called the Rubbish Boys offered to take away people’s unwanted odds and ends for a fee. “We’ll stash your trash in a flash” It was the first of its kind and people noticed. This company, now known as “1-800 got junk?”, is still growing thanks to their simple and convenient business concept.
Today, the big idea is simply: “Point you finger and we’ll make your junk disappear!”
Old Spice Body Wash
Old Spice definitely caught the audience’s attention with their Old Spice body wash video campaign. They combined comedy, originality and surprise, and had viewers questioning whether or not it was all done in one take.
“Hello ladies. Look at your man. Now back to me. Now back at your man. Now back to me.
Sadly, he isn’t me, but if he stopped using ladies body wash and switched to Old Spice he could smell like me…” - Old Spice body wash commercial.
Their simple big idea was “A man should smell like a man.”
Apple iPod
In 2001, Apple pushed the limits of music portability with the release of the iPod. This product put the CDs and MP3 CDs to shame by providing consumers with a way to carry more than 6 times more music than ever before. 
The coolest thing about iPod is that your entire music library fits in your pocket. You can take your whole music library with you, right in your pocket. Never before possible. That’s iPod.” - Steve Jobs.
Their simple big idea was “1000 songs in your pocket.”
Composite Air Design Inc.
Steel has long been known for being one of the toughest materials around. In an effort to introduce a new product, Composite Air Design, a Montreal-based company that builds fiberglass air handlers, puts steel through a series of tests against their more resilient product. They let their video prove what others might have dismissed as a false claim and set a new standard within their product market.
Their simple big idea was “Try this with Steel.”
Dove Soap
In recent years, Dove Soap has campaigned to change the way women see themselves. With so many companies trying to sell beauty products to women by pointing out their flaws, Dove reminds women that beauty comes from within and that you don’t need to do anything except “Be your beautiful self”. “Wash off all the extras.”
Original in concept and emotionally moving, their “Real Beauty Sketches” and “Selfie” video campaigns, among others, take everyday women through a journey of self-discovery.
Their simple big idea was “Be your beautiful self.”
These companies kept their concepts simple and they were easily able to plant a seed in the customer's mind.
What’s your big idea? Is it small enough to penetrate the mind?

Morty Silber, CEO

Mad Strategies Inc.
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