Secret Messages.

Message in a bottle

Unexpected smile makers.

Ever open a newly purchased product to find a cute message inside the package? My partner Jeff Sexton and I were sitting together having a Newcastle beer together when Jeff looked at the inside of his beer bottle cap and read “Winner! Your prize: the contents of this bottle.” We both burst out laughing. 

What a great way to marry customer experience with brand building.

A few companies have made good use of this empty space inside the packaging by providing inspirational messages that, when discovered, promotes a response of surprise and delight. It connects with people and often leads to a repeat purchase.

Dove Chocolates

In 1991, Dove began printing messages on it's chocolate wrappers. Consumers take the time to savour a piece of chocolate because its something special; a treat that makes them feel good. It makes sense that consumers would also be open to receiving an uplifting message, especially after a long stressful day.

Don't you weep! tissues.

Tissues, they are usually associated with tears and sadness butaA design student in Portugal wanted to change that by creating a box full of motivational messages that could serve as support during the consumer's time of need. The messages were printed using fluorescent orange, a color that symbolizes energy and joy.

Yogi Tea.

This company makes many kinds of aromatic spiced teas developed to comfort and support healthy living. These teas were inspired by Yogi Bhajan, a teacher of holistic living, who often shared his wisdom and knowledge. Each tea bag comes with a little bit of wisdom called "Yogi inspirations" and are said to be "life's simple truths, created to awaken a sense of goodness within you.", which reflects the brand's values and outlook on life.

Halls Cough Suppressant Lozenges.

You caught a virus, you have a sore throat and you can't stop coughing. All you want to do is crawl into bed and sleep but before you collapse, you grab a Halls lozenge to get some relief. Now, they have you all to themselves. As you pop that drop into your mouth, you notice tiny little messages on the wrapper. Halls began adding “Pep Talks in Every Drop” on the wrappers. It makes even the grumpiest and crankiest of sick people smile after a long day of feeling terrible.

These little messages bring a smile to many faces and it’s just nice to read something unexpected and optimistic. The best part is that the advertising isn’t visible or evident until you open the package and it comes at a time when the consumer is receptive to the message.

Think about how your product is used.

Are you missing opportunities to connect with your customers?

Morty Silber, CEO

Mad Strategies Inc.
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