How to turn an Indifferent Spectator into a Committed Buyer.

Put on a powerful, persuasive event.
An event can be a great way to persuade people to buy from you, provided you do it correctly. Most event producers get caught up in décor and menu but those are not the most important aspects to focus on.
Obviously you want your event to look respectful but it's the message that matters the most. Your message is at the core, the soul of the event, and is what will move people emotionally to believing and trusting in your company. Your goal above all else is to make sure your guests understand how their purchase will benefit them.
When it came to Azorim Development Company, one of our clients who is the largest real estate developer in Israel, this worked better than expected. We spent $30 thousand dollars on an event in Montreal, Canada. The result was spectacular.
Jack Klein, the company’s Chief Operating Office based in Montreal, said “while the event went off without a hitch and operationally perfect, it was the videos that ultimately made the event successful.”

You can watch the video here. It’s a bit long but that’s ok at an event.

Although you can use keynote speakers at an event, you can’t always rely on them to be as effective as videos. Videos are a key component of any event. They convey much more information and emotion than a speaker alone. 
For added impact, invite the higher-ups in the company to attend and speak at the event. A closing keynote speaker can solidify the message and help the event end on a high note.
Let me know if you’re planning an event. Just email me. I’d love to help.

Morty Silber, CEO

Mad Strategies Inc.
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