Don't just tell it like it is.

Supermarket Shelving With Generic Products

How business owners hurt their sales.

The truth doesn’t persuade. That’s why so many business owners lie in their advertising. They allow the lies because they presume that if the truth doesn’t work, they have no other choice than to lie.
The mistake isn’t telling the truth. It’s assuming that telling the truth is enough. To make the truth work, you need to tell it in a way that makes them realize the truth. Simply telling it isn’t enough. It requires much more skill than that.
The truth, on all its own, is usually dull. Find a new meaningful way of telling that story.
“A dull truth will not be looked at. An exciting lie will. That is what good sincere people must understand. They must make their truths exciting and new, or their good works will be born dead.” – Bill Bernbach, advertising legend and founder of DDB
Here’s how Bryan Eisenberg changed some website copy for Volvo Construction.
Original copy…
“Powered by the Volvo D4D high performance, low emission engine, this all-rounder provides high rimpull, excellent penetration and fast acceleration in whatever you do. With its superb low RPM performance, the Volvo engine responds immediately to the operator's commands, making your operation more productive.”
This is typical, dry, predictable, product-centric copy. Features such as low emission and low RPM performance mean little to the reader.
Here's the rewrite. See how it maintains a professional voice while still placing the customer at the center.

It's our job to help you do yours -- no matter how big. And the full line of Volvo Wheel Loaders is always up to the task. Whether you move rock, earth, timber, sand or snow, a wide range of Volvo Wheel Loaders and attachment options are available to help you conquer the elements.

Climb into the cab of a Volvo Wheel Loader and get to work. Along with unmatched production and power, Volvo Wheel Loaders help you move it -- with ease, speed, cost-efficiency and comfort.”

It's a much more interesting read written this way. Don't you think?

So now, tell me...what is your truth and how will you encourage consumers to come to your conclusion themselves?

Morty Silber, CEO

Mad Strategies Inc.
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