Business toxicity.

Business Toxicity

When it becomes too much, it's time to detox.

Is your day cluttered with tasks that prevent you from making progress and getting the money-making stuff done?
Here are things you can do to detox your business.
Detox your workload.  Have too many projects on the go? Did you accept projects that are not entirely in line with what you do but you took it on anyways? You may be causing yourself unnecessary stress and frustration by accepting work that doesn’t flow with your field of expertise. Refer those clients to a more suitable candidate. Or pay that candidate to do the work.
Chaos is toxic. Clear the clutter and any loose ends. Re-evaluate your past purchase decisions, clean off your desk, organize your bills and receipts. You will feel better and able to focus on being productive.
Detox your relationships. Clean out unprofitable clients. Don’t let poor relationships waste precious time and energy or diminish the passion you have for your business. You may also want to mend broken relationships.
Detox your staff and company culture. You won’t inspire anyone by posting the company mission statement and core values on a cork board in the lunchroom. As the owner, you are the one they look to to be the example. You can’t expect them to live and breathe the company culture if you do not demonstrate it yourself. Be a leader and be present. Let them know they play an active role in building the business and maintaining its success. Eventually, consistency and repetition will bring it all together.
What action can you take to detox your business?

Morty Silber, CEO

Mad Strategies Inc.
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