Snail Mail ...slow, but leaves a trail.

Snail Mail

The Staying Power of Direct Mail marketing.
With social media, internet advertising and email marketing growing at a rapid rate, you might assume that Direct Mail is nearing its demise but the exact opposite is true. In fact, Direct Mail is still very useful and effective, especially in a B2B market.
With fewer companies using Direct Mail as a means of advertising you will be the only company competing for that space. So there is no better time to integrate Direct Mail back into your marketing strategy. In addition, Adobe approximates that ad blockers are costing advertisers $20 billion annually. Also, Apple will allow ad blocking software on its new iOS9, which means the effectiveness of online ads are at great risk of not being seen, even if you pay for them to be seen.
A study conducted by Millward Brown suggests “that there was more emotional involvement when participants handled material printed on cards than when they viewed the same material online.”
In addition, it has become four or five times the cost to “buy” email addresses than actual physical addresses. The increase in online advertising has spawned the creation of inbox filters that can sabotage any well intentioned email campaign. It comes as no surprise that consumers disregard digital junk mail more than physical junk mail.
A physical piece of mail prompts a tactile and emotional response that virtual advertising fails to elicit. Unlike online ads that can be gone and forgotten in one click, a mail piece is “real” and can be touched causing much greater memorability.
Remember to be clear with the objective of the mail piece and research the interests of your target audience. Personalize the piece with as much as possible.
Have you thought of Direct Mail as a marketing option? 

Morty Silber, CEO

Mad Strategies Inc.
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