Don't knock that Outlandish idea!

Because it might just be the one that wins consumer's hearts!

It all started with an advertising post on Facebook that was meant as a joke but consumers went completely crackers over the imaginary product. Fans were disappointed upon learning about the post's fictitious nature and that it was simply for amusement.  Listen as Ritz turns their outlandish idea into a reality hit.

Fans of all things symmetrical and self-proclaimed OCD-ers were quick to share their delight on social media. Even more brilliant is the fact that you can't even buy one of these even if you wanted to. Ritz gives them away for free every few months and once that limited number of cutters is gone, you must wait for the next special edition batch to become available again.

The cracker cutter has become so popular that it has been forever etched in the form a cracker cutter cookbook and was shortlisted for a Cyber Lion award; a truly great honour and accomplishment.

Have you ever had an idea you brushed off because you thought it was too out there? I'm here to tell you that the ideas that generate the most buzz and profit are usually the ones that are thought to be "outlandish" at first. Remember, innovating means coming up with something new and different that causes change in consumer behavior, creates a revolution and/or upheaval! But before you go jump off a building into a shallow pool of water with your logo painted across your chest, take a seat and have a creative "anything goes" brainstorming session with a few of your employees. The more outlandish the idea, the better. You might be surprised to find that brilliant and innovative gem of an idea!

What outlandish idea have you dismissed in the past? Maybe it's time to revisit it.

Morty Silber, CEO

Mad Strategies Inc.
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