Growing Together

A business model that demonstrates trust and commitment.

I was speaking to the Vice-President of a multi-billion dollar company who wanted to throw out a client who kept coming back and renegotiating his deal. With the help of my team, here is how he responded instead: “I want to work with you but only if the terms of the agreement work to serve both our best interests. If this is a one-sided deal, we cannot continue to work together. Please get back to us when you are willing to make this a mutually beneficial relationship .”
The client wanted the lowest price for top-notch service. The company in question knows what his customers want and aligns his business model to reflect that need. They know how best to deliver what they asked for but they can’t do that below cost.
I aligned my business model to reflect the growth of my client’s business. My fees start out small and grow as the client's business grows. This benefits both of us and is my way of demonstrating my dedication to the client and to the growth of his company. Doesn’t that make sense?

What can you do to align your business model with your clients need?

Morty Silber, CEO

Mad Strategies Inc.
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