Turning customers into Brand Ambassadors.

3 critical moving parts of a successful business.

If you are not telling your story and telling it well, you are just another commodity. Creating a true brand that resonates with customers is more than a catchy tagline or hummable jingle. Creating a brand is about building something that people care about and want to buy into. It’s about generating loyalty and deepening meaningful bonds with your customers.

And there are three critical moving parts to this sort of construction project:  Story, Culture and Experience.

Story is what you say.  This is the job of marketing. It is the personality and promises you put in your messages. And frankly, story is pretty easy... especially if it’s make believe.

See, story isn’t enough all by itself. And that’s a major problem with so many businesses these days. If sales are off, we just need more or better marketing to make the phone ring.  But this overlooks the importance of strong culture, which allows us to deliver a consistent customer experience.

So let’s talk about Culture.  This is who you are.  This is where the rubber meets the road.  This is where the rank and file in our organizations believe the things that leadership says about us. It is the experience your employees have within your company.

And finally, Experience. What You Do. It is what your customers perceive when they interact with your company.

Authenticity occurs when your story and your customer’s experience align. When these don’t align, you get bad reviews.

High employee morale is what happens when your story and your culture align. When these don’t align, you have cancer in the building.

And when Story, Culture and Experience converge, you hit the trifecta.  This is where Brand Ambassadors are born…customers who really feel like part of the extended family, and by extension…part of the brand itself.

This article was written by my brilliant partner, Ray Seggern.
You can meet him at the Wizard of Ads Seminar in Montreal on May 25th.

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