Standing the test of time

Evolve while staying the same

I recently came across a video that, as a parent, brought tears to my eyes. It was both heartwarming and familiar, and although the video runs for almost 5 minutes, it captured my attention from the very beginning and drew me in deeper, turning 5 minutes in what seems to be only a minute... the time it takes to make a warm, nutritious bowl of Quaker oatmeal.

The reason I chose to share this with you is because Quaker is a company that has withstood the test of time. They have been around for over a century and although they have adapted to the times, they have never changed their core message.

In 1877, former owners Henry Seymour and William Heston trademarked Quaker Oats as a breakfast cereal, saying the name stood for quality and value.

Below, on the left, Quaker Oats was advertised as an affordable source of energy and nutrition to help youngsters grow and become strong adults! To the right, we see a similar more recent ad that suggests Quaker products give children the necessary energy and nutrition to "Conquer the world".

Quaker also wanted to be seen as the affordable protein alternative to meat, eggs and fish that helps children grow faster than other breakfast foods.

With the introduction of new products like Quaker 1-minute oats and flavoured varieties, Quaker was able to adapt to the increasingly busy lifestyle of a growing family.

In more recent times, Quaker puts even more emphasis on becoming health conscious and focuses on heart health, weight control and using Quaker oats as a means of lowering your cholesterol.

Family life is so fast-paced today. Between work, school, running last-minute errands and finishing homework, there can be very little time to get in a decent healthy meal. Quaker has yet again found a way to ensure it has a place in your busy day with foods that offer convenience and nutrition in one. Need an energy boost? Grab a granola bar and off you go!

The evolution of the Quaker brand is an interesting one because they were successful in adapting, yet never changing. The Quaker family of products has grown significantly since the late 1800's but the benefits of using their products has always remained the same - healthy, nutritious and a good source of energy.

Below is the video I spoke about at the beginning on this article. This differs from the others as it's an emotional one. It is worth watching until the end but I warn you... you may need a tissue.

What have you done to ensure your company's core message stays the same while still keeping up with the times?

Morty Silber, CEO

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