Sell like Sam...

And your customers will never leave empty-handed!

The book "Green Eggs and Ham" by Dr. Seuss was created because a publisher from Random House bet him he couldn't write a book using just 50 words. Little did he know that it would become a time-honoured classic and... a sales manual!?!

When you re- examine this book, you will realize that it contains key teachings to becoming an exemplary salesperson. Whether you are making cold calls or selling face to face, these little bits of advice can help you raise your sales. Let's take a look!

Sam is smart, personable and wears a red hat. It's important to make a personal connection with your customer. Introduce yourself, be available, helpful and demonstrate your product knowledge by offering smart recommendations. Make a lasting impression and they will remember who to talk to when they decide to buy. Customers often leave a store empty-handed because they cannot find someone to help them.

Even if you don't like Sam, Sam will like you. A good salesperson is not afraid to face the grumpy response to interrupting someone's day. They just keep on smiling despite the customer's less than joyful demeanour. For them, it's a challenge!

Sam assumes he will get the sale, here or there, it's just matter of where. Skilled salespeople work with the assumption that, in the end, they will make the sale. It's just a matter of finding the approach that works best with a particular customer (in a box, with a fox, in the rain, on a train).

Sam is more than a little persistent. In a real world situation, Sam's overly persistent approach can be considered a little rude. The true take-away here is to understand that he is not deterred by a negative response. A "no" now does not necessarily mean "no" later. This is why the first two points are so important. Be pleasant and keep the door open by keeping in touch.

Sam offers free samples!!! The "try before you buy" strategy is an effective one. Sam offers the grumpy grown-up a taste of those green eggs and ham. Although it takes time, when he finally succeeds in convincing him to try them, the grown-up goes from frowny to cheery in a blink! Get the product in the customer's hands and you will be much more likely to convince them to buy.

Can your salespeople learn from Sam?


Morty Silber, CEO

Mad Strategies Inc.
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