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Re-focus your message…

In film, switching point of view is used to get the audience’s attention. When the camera moves from one perspective to another your focus changes to what’s important. The switch can surprise you which helps keep your brain engaged. Those first few minutes are critical to ensuring you don’t change the channel on a commercial or turn the page of a magazine while looking at an ad.

Gerber mastered the art of point of view and maximizing focus in their series of baby food commercials that featured taste testers and a “Chew University” in 2015. Their ads continue to run because they captivate everyone. They play endlessly on Youtube because who doesn’t love looking at smiling babies?

They not only use a changing POV they are very clever in their choice of initial focus. First they show  a woman who is seemingly talking to us- the audience- so we listen as we would to a teacher…but then the focus shifts to a room full of giggling babies (Giggling babies according to Fast Company is one of the 10 most addictive sounds in the world!)

We thought she was talking to a taste panel but we don’t realize who the panel is until the cute surprise. Gerber also chose their panel leader perfectly. Her wide, round, blue eyes and big smile look like a baby’s so right away we are already subconsciously thinking about babies even before the reveal.

Ads need to catch you or surprise you, make you feel something or call you to act...all in a clear message that gets your attention and keeps it. Gerber knows the challenges parents face and chose their tone of ad well. Babies elicit a positive response no matter what…and even at one of their most frustrating times—feeding time—they can be adorable but feeding a baby can be tough. Gerber makes sure we associate their baby food with a joyful meal time so we are all happy…because no one wants to see a baby unhappy.

Does your ad make us want to watch it over and over?

Morty Silber, CEO

Mad Strategies Inc.
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