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If your motto is to Strive for Perfection you’ve probably had years of disappointment. The good news is while you are fighting for the impossible you might be happy to know the imperfect is perfect for your advertising campaign. Yes, we love to see the beautiful, super rich, out-of-reach people and places on TV and in ads but think about the most successful celebrities or products…

The most popular stand out because of their unique, 'imperfect part'…no matter how perfect the imperfection. The most famous models and actors have a unique face versus a perfect face and the most famous movies celebrate individuality and eccentricities. From oversized backsides to elvin features, scars to odd voices, we love the imperfections, the quirks, the je ne sais quoi that draws us to a person or image.


The Japanese have made an art form out of celebrating imperfections. The art of Kintsukuroi or Kintusgi mends the broken with gold. Pottery that has cracked with years of use is repaired with lacquer and gold or silver powder. Instead of hiding or masking the cracks, the object is made more beautiful as the imperfections, along with the object’s history, are celebrated.

We might Photoshop out age and expression but we still strive for originality. The most popular might set a trend that many follow but ironically it is the uniqueness of expression that started the trend. In advertising companies need to discover what makes their company unique and differentiate themselves in the minds of consumers by highlighting those differences or showcasing themselves in a unique way. 

The concept of originality has endured in every area of human life. From high school cafeterias to boardrooms, valedictorian speeches to Ted talks…people strive for originality over perfection. Of course, being original usually needs to still have depth or value (although quite a bit of popular culture and art could dispute that point.)  If you step back from your product and see its flaws look again with new eyes. There might be a unique quality or personality you should be showcasing rather than hiding…

Morty Silber, CEO

Mad Strategies Inc.
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