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           Amid the tweeting scandal from U.S. President Trump’s latest remark about North Korea this week, Twitter has had to defend its policies and re-think the way it handles controversial posts and accounts. (I imagine it’s a tough position to be in to cancel a president’s social media account but probably not as stressful as impending war.)

This latest round of communication has proven that the virtual pen is mightier than the sword in a time when technology is not only creating war machines but instigating conflicts.  It’s apparent that social media can be more influential than we ever thought possible...

On a positive note, in the marketing world, if Trump tweeted about your product sales would multiply. Even non-Trump fans would want to try it out of curiosity or boycott it out of protest. The protests would draw press which would garner sales because if one of the most powerful men in the world uses your product people want it whether they like him or not. That’s great marketing and it's free.

In the spirit of World Peace Day, Unilever’s Brooke Bond Tea created an ad to disseminate idealistic optimism in response to the digital war and negative campaigning. In this smart ad people are paired according to global conflicts.

The symbolic pairing of a U.S. and North Korean soldier sharing an almost romantic connection while riding on a simple, silly child’s ride is powerful. It has nothing and everything to do with drinking a cup of tea—togetherness, community, sharing, being civilized and all the other “tea-esque” connotations….in a positively distracting spinning tea cup.

The ad is meant to sell an idea and promote good will but it is also advertising gold and proves how valuable digital media is when paired with a great message. Bond understands that sharing a cup of tea gives us time to communicate and a little bit of communication can solve even life's biggest social challenges.

Morty Silber, CEO

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