Combatting Spending Slowdown


Capitalize on Seasonal Downturns

All company leaders know, without thought or hesitation, which times of the year are more profitable for their business, and which times are a grind. Most slumps will include the post-holiday consumers spending slowdown. In logical succession, these owners reduce their marketing budgets to mirror the downturn in profit. However, they couldn’t be more wrong.

A brand should maintain a solid, year-round presence. Yes, strong, focused campaigns are needed to drive peak-season events. However, people need to be reminded of a company’s message, products, and services through frequent, repeated awareness over time.

Every business thinks it’s smart to advertise when people are spending. This makes for higher competition and increased ad traffic. By capitalizing on the quieter times, brands automatically make their message become more prominent, sink in, and grow roots with the audience.

Moreover, especially when positioned correctly, certain markets can flourish after the holidays. A year wrapping up fosters review and reflection. By taking advantage of new year’s resolutions and a spike in the desire for self-improvement, local businesses can find themselves in a target-rich environment.

Lastly, with the decrease in competition, production costs and airtime charges may be lower. Pressure, time restraints, and other hassles are also likely reduced – all leading to smoother logistics and campaigns that are sharper and more finely tuned.

Although the competition diminishes, the same number of consumers are listening. The seasonal downturn is a perfect time to stand out to a rejuvenating audience.

Remember, a brand collects momentum and is propelled by consistent, repeated, persuasive messaging. The rewards of marketing are rarely immediate. Interest is built, and it accumulates over time. Maintaining a year-round presence is vital; a brand doesn’t get to hibernate.


Morty SilberComment