Chuck McKay

Tom McKay

Why storytelling makes great marketing

The famous retailer, John Wannamaker, once said half of his advertising was wasted, but he didn’t know which half.  Unfortunately, most companies waste far more than half because they focus on the delivery of their messages, largely ignoring the content.  According to Chuck McKay, until the message is right, too many firms spend themselves dangerously close to failure simply by advertising for more business. 

An international speaker, author, and marketing consultant, McKay, gets people to buy more of what your company sells. He teaches how to craft marketing messages which attract more, and better qualified customers.  

This is the same talk McKay gave in London at an approved center of the United Kingdom’s largest management organization, the Institute of Leadership & Management.  The talk includes multiple examples of McKay’s own clients who, once their messages were properly targeted, increased sales by as much as half a million dollars without any additional advertising outlays.   

You will learn:

•Why you probably don’t need a unique selling proposition, despite what you’ve been told (but what you do need instead at every point of customer contact). 

•The four different types of stories which resonate with shoppers, and how to choose the one most effective in delivering buyers for what you sell. 

•How to match your ad presentation to the preferred activities of your shoppers.  (Forget cost per thousand.  This insight alone will help you to choose the most effective medium to carry your message.)

•A simple technique to tell your company’s story as often as possible without ever wearing out your message.  (Once you’ve seen this in action, you’ll apply it to your own messaging and never again advertise without it.)    

•Advanced story telling techniques which go beyond words alone to persuade shoppers to buy from you.  (Some of these examples astound with their simplicity.)

Each attendee will receive Chuck’s customer mindset map.  Regardless of what you sell, this map details the shopper’s motivation and preferred learning style, making it easy to align what you have for sale with what they want to buy.

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