UN Luggage - tough Quality luggage

UN luggage makes tough, hi-end, quality luggage that withstands abuse and lasts. Who better to test this than super spy Sean Connery (voice actor) in this next radio ad.

In the next radio ad, Sean Connery asks you to man up and look professional.

Should their luggage actually break, they have an on-site repair shop to fix you right up and on to your next adventure.


Grand Court Lakes Nursing Home

This nursing home goes above and beyond what you would expect a nursing home to be. The managers play an exemplary role in maintaining the friendly and safe environment they are known for and continue to bring warmth and homeliness each and every day. We decided to highlight this in the following ads:

Owners Robert and Lisa ensure GCL residents are happy and live fulfilling lives.

MK Plastics/composite air design - manufacturer of fiberglass fans

Engineers had trouble believing that fiberglass exhaust fans, the kind you put on commercial building roofs, outperformed and outlasted fans made of steel. We decided to make a video to clearly demonstrate how fiberglass performs under pressure.

After seeing this video, engineers were finally convinced that Fiberglass was just as strong as steel and even superior in some cases.


Nightingale - commercial real estate

After 10 years of running a successful commercial real estate business, owners Simon and Elie decided it was time to revamp their business plan and revamp their image.


Azorim real estate developments

Azorim's message to the Israelis was very clear. They were creating a community for families to move into. They made sure families felt at home, like they belonged. However, for other countries, this message wasn't so clear so the approach was altered slightly. We focused on Azorim's Philosophy and why people should buy from them.