"I have always admired the ability to bite off more than one can chew and then chew it." - William DeMille

We build strong brands. Our whip-smart creative team produces unique, sticky, and persuasive messages that resonate in today’s marketplace. Modern commerce demands that a company has a sharp edge in order to engage the unwilling mind. 

People aren’t tired of ads -- they’re tired of bad ads. We’re tired of that too. 
We create campaigns that grab attention, deliver a memorable message, and get the sale. 

Overstimulation – we’re all feeling it. 

We’re perpetually inundated with advertisements at every turn. The constant onslaught is fatiguing, and message reception through the acquired immunity has never been more challenging.

But what if your company had ads that could penetrate? What if your marketing was seen as informative, enjoyable, and problem-solving rather than an irritation? Suddenly, it becomes a welcome favor to its audience.

It can be done. It’s what we do.

Our Specialties

  • Message creation & distribution
  • Brand development & promotion 
  • Reputation recovery/repair & management
  • Radio, television, and digital commercials
  • Print media (banner ads, posters, newspaper, magazines, flyers, brochures)
  • Digital media (sales pages, websites, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, social media ads, online ads, promotional videos)
  • Infomercials & tradeshow booths
  • Event production, management & publicity
  • Billboards & skywriting (that’s right, we’re very diverse!)

Our Standard Creative Process for Ads that Sell

A powerful, concise, and compelling message is the X-factor. Successful advertising delivers information and influence in equal parts. The touch-points are different for every industry and each demographic. For a campaign to be effective, it must be highly customized. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all. No 'templated solutions' here, we create a new mold each time.  

Bottom line -- our strategy results in advertising that works.  
*Please note: The following are only a guideline.

Initial On-Site Discovery Session (1-3 days)
The discovery session gives us the opportunity to sponge in the company culture. The message gets formed through understanding and firsthand perspective of the deliverables. We need a sturdy, 360-degree grasp on the business model, and that can only be accomplished through an in-person, on-site visit. 

Market Research (2-4 weeks)
We’ll do our homework to carve our strategy of attack as it relates directly to the market we’re infiltrating. We deep-dive into the competition to cultivate our action plan. We’ll differentiate our campaign, make it relevant, potent, and effective.

Message Development (2-4 weeks)
Our on-site discovery combined with our market research paves the way to architecting the message. It’ll be illuminating, forcefully persuasive, and transmit the brand to its target market.  

Advertising Campaign Creation & Deployment (6-8 weeks)
We fuse the campaign around the message and go on the offensive. This involves a tailored mixture of methods and media, in precise proportions. Then, we unleash it on the masses.

Refresh & Success Monitoring (Ongoing)
Messages get stale. Although repetition is paramount, ads must be continuously revitalized. We’ll constantly analyze feedback, reception, and results. Then, we’ll use those metrics to reshape future campaigns and further strengthen the brand.   

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” – Abraham Lincoln

Mad Strategies designs and develops campaigns that don’t get ignored -- we get companies noticed. 
We build credible brands that cling and vibrate with today’s audience.

Our ads don’t get skipped. They get shared.

Showing Off

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