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Strategies for Nonprofits Navigating Noisy Times


Great minds. One room.

Bring a friend and take notes.


May 21st, 2019 - 9:30 am to 3 pm

26 Bridge Event Space - 26 Bridge, Brooklyn, NY 11201



Featured Speakers



Morty Silber, Chief Executive Officer of MAD STRATEGIES Inc.

Event ringmaster. Marketing genius. Advertising wizard.

Morty is an authority at creating messaging that parts people from their money.

The Talk - Persuasive Events

Avoid Common Mistakes to Host Events that Make Money & Don’t Bomb

·         Themes are for school dances and amusement parks -- messages are for events.

·         Advertise the cause instead of the entertainment.

·         Build and tell a story to humanize the purpose and vivify the donation results.

·         Insufficient planning -- get guests to buy in long before the doors open.


Steve Thomas, Chief Executive Officer & Founding Partner of Oneicity

Fundraising Super guru. Esteemed author. Financial Crisis Emergency Responder.

Steve is a non-profit’s whisperer, teaching them how to increase contributions and develop stronger relationships with their donors.

The Talk – Donoricity

Principals & Strategies for Effective Donor Communication 

·         The secrets to create deep and meaningful relationships with donors.

·         Stand out in the competitive non-profit world.

·         Write and send communication that people will read and enjoy.

·         Fundraise without making donors feel like an ATM.


William Hochman, Chief Executive Officer – The Joel Paul Group

Born leader. Fierce negotiator. Talent detector.

William is an operational mastermind with a sixth-sense for finding the unicorns in a herd of zebras.

The Talk – HR Best Practices

People Power – Uncover Talent & Opportunity in the Non-profit Ecosphere

·         Current hiring trends and future outlook for organizations and professionals.

·         Hiring managers and job seekers:

The concrete benefits of using a reputable search firm.

Understand and conduct a valuable search process.

Interview tips what to ask and how to answer.

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Menachem Lubinsky, President & Chief Executive Officer of LUBICOM Marketing & Consulting

PR powerhouse. Marketing sniper. Sales savant.

Menachem’s impressive history of marketing accolades is only surpassed by his cleverness and intuition. He’s got the reputation, the knowledge, and the eye of the tiger.

The Talk – Marketing for the Modern Non-profit

New Methods & Vintage Formulas that Entice & Engage Donors

·         Understand & recognize redundancy:

Retire marketing strategies that no longer work.

Revamp traditional approaches that do.

Adapt or die:

Maximize digital marketing and get it right.

It’s all about the Smartphone.

·         Plan and execute events that work, rise above the clutter, and heighten a non-profit’s profile.

·         Sharpen the message for optimal persuasion.

·         The advantages of consultants vs. an in-house team.


Manley Miller, Pastor - Celebration Church

Captivating speaker. Tribe builder. Wordsmith Boss.

Manley’s consistent flair for finding and delivering the language of persuasion will mesmerize any crowd.

The Talk – Big talent on a small budget

Secrets to Recruiting and Developing Unpaid Staff

·         Money isn't everything -- understand what motivates people to want to work for free.

·         "The Shoulder Tap" and its powers.

·         Strategies for delegating and overcoming roadblocks.

·         How to lead beyond your own shadow.

·         Retaining volunteers -- 7 tricks to keep them happy.

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Mission Statement

The non-profit ecosphere is a different beast. Only those who work within its walls fully know, understand, and appreciate its challenges.

The defecting talent; the shoestring budgets; the massive competition; the escalating expectations…

We don’t just get it. We’ve mastered it. And now, we’re ready to share our hard-earned, candid, and indispensable wisdom.

OrgChat is a collective of the industry’s leading experts. Our speakers are authorities in their respective domains. This conference will show organizations how to get what they need and do more with what they have once they get it.

OrgChat will teach how to:

·         Execute remarkable events that cement a brand, leave a lasting impression, and bring in money.

·         Fundraise gracefully, and nurture purposeful, enduring relationships with donors.

·         Find, attract, retain, and motivate talent for an all-star team.

·         Develop and deploy marketing strategies that get attention and results.

Listen and learn how to do it better. Passion and good intentions aren’t enough -- every cause is a worthy one.

OrgChat will reveal the secrets to stand out and succeed in the modern non-profit arena.

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