Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.
— Steve Jobs

Morty Silber

Master MAD Strategist

Morty holds a Master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University. A born entrepreneur, at just 26 years old, Morty started his own business. He built it to 2600 retailers selling his product in under 5 years. 

Today, he combines his education, talent, and expertise to help small businesses transform into big businesses. 

Businesses want to grow, and to do that, they need to connect to the heart of the customer. It’s that connection that gets the sale. That’s marketing in its purest form, and Morty knows what it takes to make that happen. 

One of Morty’s passions it to help charities fundraise for the critical equipment they need. He is also a passionate keynote speaker, sharing his invaluable marketing knowledge, and expert industry tips to those fortunate enough to be in attendance.


Stephanie Fagen

Director of MAD Operations

As the Director of Operations at MAD Strategies, Stephanie is the detail-oriented brain behind the creative. The nitty-gritty one. The analyzer. The puzzle piece assembler. While Morty conceptualizes the cake, Stephanie is collecting and measuring the ingredients.

Every facet of the logistical whole gets considered -- from the décor to the menu to the welcome table to the entertainment, and everything in-between. Fuelled by adrenaline, pride in her work, and a penchant for the meticulous, planning events is Stephanie’s deep seeded passion.

Whether the guest list is an intimate gathering of a dozen or one with over 3000 people in attendance, Stephanie consistently orchestrates with excellence. While others aim for perfection, Stephanie refuses to settle for anything short of achieving it.


molly henderson

Creative MAD Strategist & Writer

As a creative strategist, Molly chips away at the world and makes little sculptures out of it. She knows the power of an apt metaphor, and can formulate your brand to drive insight and inspiration.

She spent years condensing the brilliant visions of the literary greats into strong arguments. Detail-orientated and emotionally intelligent, Molly has a knack for persuasion and a severe allergy to the word “click-bait.” Well-traveled and well-read, she hones her writing skills by having two books on the go, and usually a third, which she admittedly will probably never finish. 

Alex_Head Shot 3.jpg

Alexander (Sasha) Rozenblit

Creative Director of MAD Video

Sasha captures through his lens what our imagination sees.

As our agency’s lead video director, Sasha uncovers the bits that construct the essence of a brand. His raw, unmatched talent has earned him a well-deserved reputation as one of the industry’s best.

An obsessive attention to detail and editing prowess, combined with his easy-going demeanor and vast experience, make him globally sought-after and highly respected. His education in Television and Film Production from the prestigious Ariel University further compliments his natural artistic aptitude.

Sasha has produced and directed hundreds of projects in multiple countries. His specialties include corporate videos, commercials, event production tributes, animations, shorts, and music videos.

Sasha’s camera brings visions to life for the rest of the world to properly appreciate. He proves that humble prodigies still exist in our modern creative ecosphere.