"What is taking so long?"


Don't waste your customer's time.

One of the things customers value the most is TIME. People can spend as much as 6 months of their lives waiting in line. They value their time almost as much as their money and nothing says disrespect like making your “valued” customers wait.
Too many people think that product or service innovation is the best way to grow a business. It may not be. Finding better ways to deliver your product can not only give you a significant competitive advantage (and substantial savings) but also provide you with an opportunity to turn some of the more mundane customer processes (like waiting) into delightful ones.
Map out all your customer’s points of interaction with your business and identify the points where customers feel they are “wasting their time”. Now, you have two options: 1. Find a way to cut down on wait times, or 2. Find a way to occupy their time. Most people don’t mind waiting if they are kept entertained. The most important thing to remember is to replace the “bad interactions” with memorable, positive experiences.
Build delight into every process.
Consider this:
When you walk into an Apple store to get your iPhone fixed, you are provided with a precise return time so you can run a few errands and come back later instead of waiting in the store. They even have a section dedicated to keeping your children busy while they wait for you to finish up with the tech expert at the “Genius bar”.
Disney is king when it comes to changing their customer’s perception of time. Themed queue lines distract from boredom and occupy the mind and misting fans provide relief from the hot Florida sun.
Restaurant owners will often offer their customers a drink from the bar when wait times are high.
It’s a small gesture that makes them feel valued.
Simple things can mean the difference between feeling indifferent or delighted by the experience your company provides.
Do you value your customer’s time? 

Morty Silber, CEO

Mad Strategies Inc.
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